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Farming and Agriculture Accounting Services

When your office is measured in acres, you have a different view of the world.

When your workspace rolls across fields and pastures, you tend to approach life differently.

When your means of providing for your family is based on getting the most out of every harvest or herd, you don’t have time to mess with a lot of financial paperwork.

But if you don’t stay on top of your numbers, your operation can easily suffer. With margins as slim as they already are, you can’t afford to have a bad year because you failed to budget well, manage your cash flow, or take care of your taxes.

CRS CPA knows how vital farming and agriculture businesses are to our communities. We are based in West Tennessee where farming rules the roost. According to the USDA, Tennessee is blessed with over 77,000 farms covering 10.8 million acres (41% of our state). Thanks to farming businesses like yours, we rank 8th in the nation in number of farms.

Farming and Agriculture

Whether you’re raising cattle, soybeans, cotton, or corn, our team has done agriculture accounting for operations just like yours at some point in our 40+ years. We can help with:


Farm Tax Preparation

You know it, and so do we—farm taxes just aren’t the same as other businesses. We can help you identify & maximize deductions so that your farm can be more profitable.



Recording day-to-day transactions and maintaining your records


Charting of Accounts

Helping you see all of your accounts in one place to give you an accurate financial picture


Budgeting & Cash Flow Management

Providing tools and insights to help you know exactly where every dollar is going


Financial statement preparation

Taking the headaches out of getting reports ready quickly and accurately


Farm Income Averaging

Guiding you through Schedule J to minimize your tax burden by averaging all or part of your income from the previous 3 years


Capital Tax Planning

Handling your IRS paperwork when the big ticket items get bought and sold


Succession Planning

Helping you leave a solid legacy for future generations

Learning Center Resources for Farm & Ag Businesses

How Farm Bookkeeping Can Sow Seeds of Success In Your Ag Business

How Farm Bookkeeping Can Sow Seeds of Success In Your Ag Business

Farm bookkeeping isn’t exactly like bookkeeping for ordinary businesses. In the “non-ag” world, tracking transactions is fairly straightforward. But on the farm, things move at a different pace.  The physical aspects of running a successful farm are tough enough....

Don’t wait for a rainy day! Give us a call and start running your farm instead of it running you!

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