Nonprofit Accounting and Tax Preparation Services

If you run a 501c3 nonprofit (or maybe you’re on the board of directors), you have to be absolutely confident that you know where each and every dollar goes.

Your world is quite a bit different from regular businesses who simply exchange products or services for dollars. When donors give you some of their hard-earned money, they expect you to handle it responsibly. (They aren’t the only ones…the IRS insists on it too.)

Nonprofit Accounting

Throughout our 40+ year history, CRS CPA has partnered with countless nonprofit organizations to help them with:


501C3 Nonprofit Status Application


Nonprofit Tax Returns


Nonprofit Financial Accounting


Audited, Reviewed, and Compiled Financial Statements


Board of Directors Consulting

We understand the importance of what you do and how much you can impact your community. You shouldn’t have to waste time worried and distracted by stress over your financials.

We can make it easier for you to come to the aid of the people you serve.

Give us a call to learn more about our nonprofit accounting and tax preparation solutions.

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