Professional & Service Businesses

Accounting for Contractors, Service Professionals, and Other Small Businesses

When you serve your customers as an independent contractor or some other sort of service professional, you know how important it is to be able to focus 100% on your clients. You aren’t just shipping products out the door to faceless customers. You’re interacting daily with real people who need what you do!

If a big part of your day is spent dealing with paperwork and other financial obligations, that’s time and attention being stolen from the people who pay your bills! At CRS CPA, we are helping you serve your customers when we take those burdens off of your shoulders.

We have provided bookkeeping, accounting, and tax services to law firms, independent contractors, home service professionals, trucking companies, and other small business owners for the past 4 decades. There aren’t many financial situations that we haven’t seen!

Since you probably work alone or with a small team of employees, we realize that you’re usually the one wearing multiple hats at any given time. And as service professionals ourselves, we also understand that you are the product you deliver.

Accounting for Contractors

That’s why we are committed to providing dependable financial services for:

Accountant for Lawyers

Law Firms and Private Practice

You shouldn’t have to sacrifice billable hours while stressing over finances or correcting costly administrative mistakes. We work with attorneys all across West Tennessee to help make sure they are financially stable so they can focus on representing their clients and growing their practice.

Independent Contractor

Independent Contractors

When you’re no one’s employee but you work for multiple companies, it’s easy to get bogged down with tracking your numbers. Our team makes it easy by alleviating that burden for you.

Medical Professionals

Medical Professionals

If you are offering medical or dental services in today’s marketplace, you know how important having exact and up-to-the-minute accounting can be. We work with healthcare service providers by offering accounting, bookkeeping, payroll and HR services, tax planning and preparation, as well as cash flow management and internal controls. They didn’t teach you how to be an accountant in medical school—so trust us with your accounting needs! 

Small Business Service Providers

Small Business Service Providers

When your business is helping other businesses succeed, you can quickly lose sight of your own need for accurate financials. Let us be the business partner who helps you with your money so you can focus on delivering excellent service.

Trucking & Transportation

Trucking & Transportation

Life on the road has enough challenges. Your financials shouldn’t be one of them. Let us take the wheel when it comes to tracking your cash flow and keeping your records. That way you can concentrate on putting the hammer down, collecting green stamps, and keeping the shiny side up.

Home Service Professionals

Home Service Professionals

As a handyman, lawn service, or residential repair company, your business depends on being able to serve as many people as possible, and you likely have a crew that needs to stay busy, too. You don’t have time to waste stressing over accounting. Let us free you up to get back out there!

Learning Center Resources for Professional & Service Businesses

How to Prep For A Business Audit (And Streamline Your Company)

How to Prep For A Business Audit (And Streamline Your Company)

The mere mention of the word “audit” is enough to cause some business owners to break into a cold sweat. They’ve either been through one before and it wasn’t a pleasant experience or they know that their records are in such a mess that they aren’t prepared for one.In...

You have enough on your plate trying to provide great products and services to your customers; let us handle everything else.


Tax Preparation

We know—it’s what you think of when you think ‘CPA.’ And well, we’re good at it. We can help you identify and maximize what you may be missing doing it on your own.



Recording day-to-day transactions and maintaining your records


Charting of Accounts

Helping you see all of your accounts in one place to give you an accurate financial picture


Budgeting & Cash Flow Management

Providing tools and insights to help you know exactly where every dollar is going


Financial statement preparation

Taking the headaches out of getting reports ready quickly and accurately


Capital Tax Planning

Handling your IRS paperwork when the big ticket items get bought and sold

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