Need Help with HR for Small Business? 5 Top Considerations

Aug 25, 2021 | Business, HR, Small Business

According to, the average salary for a Human Resources Manager right now is around $69,000! When you’re an owner looking for small business HR help, you most likely aren’t in a position to pay that much for a full-time employee to handle all of your Human Resources Needs.

On the other hand, you really don’t have time to do it all yourself either! So how do you get dependable HR help without breaking the bank?

In a 2018 article titled, “How Small Business Owners Successfully Delegate HR”, The Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) mentioned some findings that showed how most small business owners typically handle their HR situation. 75% of businesses with less than 49 employees usually hand the HR duties over to someone on the staff who has rarely (or never) dealt with those issues. Nearly a quarter of those employees tend to be some type of office administrator. 82% of the people managing HR for small companies have no formal training!

As your business grows and you begin adding valuable employees who can help take your company to the next level, you need to have a plan for managing them well.

Part-time Small Business HR Solutions

When you can’t justify a full-time HR Manager with salary and benefits (and you are just too busy actually running your business to do it right yourself), you can hire an outside company (like us!) that specializes in human resources on a part-time, or fractional, basis.

It’s a great solution! You get the benefit of expert advice when you need it, without the expense.

A good fractional HR manager can easily handle your small business needs such as:

  • Crafting your HR policies and procedures
  • Setting up good compensation plans
  • Helping with onboarding new employees…and saying goodbye to ones that need to leave
  • Navigating the ocean of human resource regulations

What to Look For in a Company that Does HR for Small Businesses

Unfortunately, once the job of managing HR gets too big to handle, too many small business owners hand those responsibilities over to people who aren’t any more qualified than they are. They might add them to the to-do list of an administrative assistant. Or it might be as simple a decision as “Hey, _ , you’ve got time. You’re in charge of these HR forms now.”

When you’re looking for a company to partner with for your HR needs, there are several qualities you need to look for:

  1. Experience. How long have they been doing this? How many clients have they served well?
  2. Ethics. Is the person handling some of the most sensitive information within your company trustworthy and honest?
  3. Knowledge. Are they informed on HR best practices as well as current trends?
  4. Communication. Are they easy to get in touch with, and do they respond quickly?
  5. Organization. Do they have a clear, systematic way of handling HR needs, or do they seem unprepared?

If you interview a firm that offers fractional HR for small business services and you get any kind of sense that they can’t deliver an absolute “yes” to all of the questions above…keep looking!

You have worked too hard and there is too much at stake to hand over the HR of your business to just anyone. You deserve to be able to put your complete confidence in whoever you choose to partner with for HR management.

Expect more.

As small business owners ourselves, we completely understand how important good employees are to your company. We also understand how difficult and time-consuming it can be to manage the legalities and complexities of this valuable resource.

In fact, in working with a lot of our clients, we discovered that the average small business owner spends close to five hours each pay period on payroll and human resource management. That’s 10 hours a month—15 days each year!—that could be spent growing your business instead.
What could you do in your business with an extra 2 weeks?

That’s why, in addition to the traditional tax and financial advice you’d expect from a CPA, we started providing HR & Payroll Support services several years ago.

When small business owners bring us on board, our team works directly with them to make sure their unique HR situation is handled professionally, legally, and seamlessly.

Here’s what you can get when you expect more from your CPA:

  • Human Resource Management

    We help you develop strategic, repeatable, time-saving processes for attracting talent, hiring and onboarding new employees, developing your team as they grow, and smoothly transitioning people off of your team when their time with you ends.
  • Online Payroll Processing

    If endless forms, files, and worries are something you’d like to avoid, we’re here to help. When we take on the responsibilities of making sure your team is paid accurately and on time, we basically take the burden off of you.
  • W-2, W-3, and 1099 Processing

    When tax season comes, you can rest easy knowing that the right forms for the right people are in the right place at the right time. Because our accounting pros eat, sleep, and breathe taxes…getting these right for your team is no problem.
  • Worker’s Compensation Audits

    Many small business owners don’t realize how much their ability to qualify for good insurance coverage depends on being able to provide accurate records when they are ever audited. Insurance companies want to make sure that the payroll codes and information you give them at the beginning of their relationship with you stay the same…or that you can document how and why things change. You definitely don’t want to run the risk of being unprotected, so this is an essential thing to make sure your HR partner is doing.
  • Unemployment Claims Reporting

    Whenever any of your team members file for unemployment (2020, anyone?), you need to be certain that your bases are covered. Unemployment Insurance Fraud affects thousands of businesses and accounts for nearly 10% of all claims made. Bloomberg Businessweek reported in March that “The U.S. Unemployment System Is Plagued by $63 Billion in Fraud and Dysfunction.” You simply can’t afford to be a part of those statistics.

Take Control of Your Small Business HR

I’m ready for some HR help!

Schedule a call with one of our business advisors to discover the peace of mind that is waiting for you when you have experienced, dependable professionals guiding you through your human resource obligations.

Then imagine being able to focus on simply growing your business!

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